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Healing Hooves
Animal-Assisted Therapy
Tuesday July 4, 2023

Indie School Logan has benefitted from a program called Healing Hooves. Healing Hooves assists the students’ with their mental health and wellbeing.

Country Paradise Parklands

Once a week students are taken by bus to the Country Paradise Parklands located on the Gold Coast. Students not only enjoy the peaceful environment but to also partake in animal therapy classes that teach how to treat and care for dogs and equines. 

Janice Burt, who has over 15 years experience facilitates these unique opportunities for our students and the animals. These sessions help create experiences of stability and trust between the students and the animals in an environment that helps students improve their wellbeing. An emphasised subject in the sessions is teaching and reminding the students that self regulation is necessary to provide safety for the animals and gain their trust.

The Healing Hooves program has been incredibly useful and encouraging to the students that have participated.

Healing Hooves | Indie School Logan

Healing Hooves is an animal therapy class that teaches students how to treat and care for dogs and equines. The program has been incredibly useful and encouraging to the Indie School Logan students that have participated.

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Indie School Logan

Welcome to Indie School Logan. In March 2022, our school opened it’s doors to four students. As of June 2023 we now have nearly 90 students enrolled in our independent flexible learning school across years 9 – 12.

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