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who we are

Indie School is a registered and accredited non-government school providing an alternative education for young people aged 15-18. 

The greatest difference between Indie School and many other alternative education settings is that our foundations lay in Adult Education philosophies. Choice, independence, mutual respect, accountability all have a significant role to play.

Indie School teachers are committed to changing the lives of young people.

Students enjoy learning in an environment that is fun, secure and provides pathways to employment or further education.

what we do

Smaller class sizes allow students greater opportunity to identify their strengths and work to improve areas in which they lack confidence.

Indie School provides students the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment that uses individualised learning plans tailored to each students own education/life circumstances. In return for higher levels of self responsibility, the students can enjoy some greater freedoms.

our philosophy

We believe that every young person has the ability to shine.  We also know that self belief is the key to bringing this to the forefront.

Our School is different, we focus on:

  • Developing strong relationships in adult settings,

  • Exploring the capacities of each individual student and helping them to grow into capable young adults,

  • Closing the gaps caused by disjointed prior education experiences, and

  • Assisting students to believe in themselves and a future they want to create.

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