Learning Your Way

flexible and inclusive

We believe all young people should be able to thrive in education.

Indie School’s learning models are designed for secondary aged students who have experienced difficulties in traditional school environments.

Our alternative learning methods help students develop their social and emotional capabilities, life skills and positive study habits, leading to regained confidence. Indie School offers flexible, personalised learning with a greater focus on student’s strengths and interests.

Smaller class sizes and additional support staff means more one-on-one time for each student. Experienced staff who recognise the learning needs of disengaged students teach with flexibility and understanding.

our culture

hands-on, active engagement

‘Learning by doing’ is a big part of Indie School. We know that when a student enjoys their learning experience, actively participates in their learning, and appreciates the value in what they are learning, they are much more likely to retain and utilise what they have learned. Wherever possible, we provide excursions and incursions for hands-on, experiential learning to encourage active engagement.

tailored learning / individual support

Every Indie School student has an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). An ILP is a personalised educational tool designed to assist in student success. Flexible and future-orientated, ILPs create meaningful short-term goals that lead to the achievement of long-term goals.

  • Measurable, achievable, supported and time-framed
  • Individual and shared responsibilities are clearly communicated
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the achievement of student progress
  • ILPs are continually reviewed and revised as the student progresses


The ILP scaffolds a student’s journey at Indie School, reflecting learning outcomes in social, academic and life skills development.

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