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Indie School is a registered and accredited non government school specifically designed for the inclusion of those young people who have been unable to complete their studies in mainstream schools. It is designed for students aged 15 – 18 years who are not in traditional school.

The greatest difference between Indie School and many other alternative education settings is that our foundations lay in Adult Education philosophies. Choice, independence, mutual respect, accountability all have a significant role to play.

Smaller class sizes allow students greater opportunity to identify their strengths and work to improve areas in which they lack confidence.

Indie School provides students the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment that uses individualised learning plans tailored to each students own education/life circumstances. In return for higher levels of self responsibility, the students can enjoy some greater freedoms.

student welfare

Indie School is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all students, and hold firm to the belief that students feel valued and respected in an inclusive setting. At Indie School, the wellbeing and welfare of students is paramount and seen as pivotal for student learning and growth as we know that when students are happy, valued, connected, and supported, they are more engaged with their learning.

Our Welfare and Enrolment staff provide enrolment advice, confidential counselling, and an understanding and encouraging environment that incorporates positive mental health approaches and student wellbeing outcomes. This is done through service referrals and in the delivery of wellbeing programs that not only bolster the social, emotional, and physical wellbeing of our students but also fosters resilience, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence enabling students to reach their potential.


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strengths-based approach to learning

Strength based approaches to education recognise and value the knowledge and skills that young people bring to their learning.

Research highlights the role of alternative learning programs for young people and in particular the efficacy of programs run by Indie School and supported by our partner RTO, Indie College. 

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