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Student Details


Parent/Guardian Contact Details

Agency Details


Are you currently enrolled at School?
Previous or current enrolment at TAFE or an RTO?

Indie School

Year level requested to undertake

Health and other information

Has the Student received a formal medical diagnosis?
Does the student have any relevant legal documentation ?(e.g. IVOs, Intervention Orders (IOs), Family Court Orders, Probation orders etc)

Education and Family History

Required Documentation

Mandatory Identification Documents

Copies must be in colour, with front and back provided. 

Please note that enrolment into the school will NOT occur if identification documents are not received.  However, if you are unable to upload these documents now, you will be required to provide them at the enrolment interview, along with the other relevant documents listed below. 

Birth Certificate

Health Care Card

Medicare Card

Other relevant documentation

You will be asked to bring the following to the interview if relevant​

  • Other evidence of country and nationality (e.g. passport, driver’s licence etc)
  • Most recent school reports
  • Copies of any completed certificates
  • Legal documentation (IVOs, IOs, Family Court orders, Probation Orders etc)
  • Medical Reports (e.g. mental health diagnosis etc)
  • Assessment Reports (formal diagnosis – behaviour, cognitive, physical etc)
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